How to Add a Student to the Parent/FOCUS Portal

How to Add a Student to the Parent/FOCUS Portal

If you have not yet created a parent/FOCUS account, you can read this article to learn how. In addition to creating a parent account, you can also update contact information and view grades and report cards. After you’ve created a parent/FOCUS account, you can add a student or update information for one. Once you have completed this step, you can now use the Parent/FOCUS portal to manage your child’s education.

Create a Parent/FOCUS account

Parents may create a Parent/FOCUS account to register a student for online services. Once registered, parents will have 24 hour access to services such as completing school applications online, emailing teachers, and transportation registration. In addition, users can upload registration documents and update personal information. To get started, parents must have a personal email address. Parents should note the password for the account, which is sent via email. Once the account is created, parents can add a child to the portal.

Parents may create a Parent/FOCUS account to sign up for the Focus Parent Portal. The Parent/FOCUS account can be created for one student in a district. The parent’s account will allow them to view grades and attendance and contact teachers for their student. If the parent does not have an email address for the student, they may use the primary phone number.

Update contact information

To update the contact information of a student, navigate to the person’s profile. On the left sidebar, click the STUDENT INFO link. In the STUDENT INFO window, click the Edit button to make necessary changes. You can also delete or add the contact. Click the Save button when you’re done. You can also remove or add the contact by clicking the appropriate label.

To add a student, first validate your Parent/Guardian account. Once you’ve verified your identity, bring a photo ID to school and have the staff approve your request. Next, login to the Focus Parent Portal using a valid email address and password. You’ll probably need to use Google Chrome or Safari for Mac. Once you have completed all the steps above, you should be able to see your child in your account.

View grades

If you are a parent looking to view grades for a student, you may have questions about how to add a student to Focus. Focus is a parent portal for students that provides a comprehensive look at grades and attendance. Parents can view grades online as well as attendance data and averages. To use the portal, parents must first sign up for a Parent/Guardian account, which can be done at school or through the Focus Student Information System.

Access report cards

If you’ve never used the Focus portal before, you can quickly and easily add a student to your account. After adding the student, you’ll need to validate your Parent/Guardian account. To validate your account, bring photo identification to school and ask the staff to approve your request. Once you’ve validated your account, you’ll need to login with your email address and password to access the Focus portal. To do this, you must use Google Chrome or Safari if you’re on a Mac. Once you’ve successfully added your student, you should see their name and profile picture in your Focus account.

Focus will publish report cards on its parent portal after each marking period. To access the report card, log in to the Focus portal using your username and password (the email address associated with your account) and then select the appropriate school year. Once you’ve selected the correct school year, you’ll see the list of students in the right half of the page. Click the tab labeled Reports and you should see the report card for your child.

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